From the early learner to even adults, our crayon's inclusive design is a fit for every user's needs.
Our ultimate goal for our children is independence. Standard crayons and writing tools need adult assistance, grips,  or "add on's" affixed to them.
Effortless Art Crayons have a unique shape and design features that support a child's grip and grasp to help them independently pick up a crayon and begin to color successfully.


The patent-pending middle grip prevents fingers from sliding encourages placement and grip of fingers.
The dual triangular ends mean that no matter how a child picks a crayon up, they can easily begin coloring.

Crayon Kid coloring with Effortless Art Crayons. He is just 2 years old in this video and naturally uses a distal pronate grasp with our crayons, typical of children ages 2-3.


Crayon Kid coloring with a standard crayon. He shows poor grip and grasp. Standard crayons offer no support or guidance in helping children develop fine motor skills.