Like Free Things?  We Do, Too! Find ideas for using our crayons, fine motor activities, and other ways to learn and have fun with your child.  

Looking for ideas to use our crayons in your classroom? 

Look no further!  Here is a FREE Lesson plan: "Scratch Art Lines". Easy and fun for all ages and our crayons are the perfect tool for it!  

Check out a variety of fine motor activities that are tried and true for your 3-5 year old.  These were all tested out during at home learning! Check out our Facebook page for these posts in action.  Or click the picture or HERE to go to our blog post on remote learning activities. 

Art From Afar 

Missing the museums?  We found a lot of museums have begun to offer virtual field trips so that you visit from the comfort of your own home.  We love the local Erie Art Museum, where you can find the link for it HERE.  Missing art up close?  Check out our own My First Masterpieces Coloring Book in our store as well as you can download a FREE page from the coloring book below. 

Check out our blog for other fun art lessons that also help your child work on their fine motor skills. Click below:

Curious about other ways you can use our Effortless Art Crayons?

Check out this blog post by The OT Toolbox for some other fun ideas to use our crayons so your children can continue to develop their fine motor skills.