Your Effortless Art Freebie and Two Reviews

Wondering about new or different ways you can use our crayons? Sure they are awesome for everyday coloring and creating, but what else?  Go no further, I've got the perfect art project that you can try out using our crayons. Check out the lesson below - it's this month's FREEBIE for you! Thanks for being a subscriber! 

Click HERE to download the lesson plan.

Special thanks to Ali Imler, art teacher at Bedford Middle School in Bedford, PA for the contribution of the lesson plan.  She tested out our crayons for and developed this lesson specifically for us!  As a former special education teacher and now art teacher, we value her opinion and her creative expertise!  



We've had some great reviews published about Effortless Art Crayons lately and we are excited to share them with you!

The first is from Charisse Hogan, a public speaker, artist, YouTuber, Cerebral Palsy advocate, anti-bullying and disability rights advocate.  You can find her on FB at Charisse Living With Cerebral Palsy.  As an artist with a need that would benefit from our crayons, and an incredible following, we asked her to try out and review our crayons. Her review can be found below.


Last, occupational therapist Amanda Danielle Cadena, MS OTR/L reviewed our crayons and gave us her expert opinion on their effectiveness while trying them out with her clients.  Amanda notes in her blog that,

"The Effortless Art Crayons lives up to their name with their ease and minimal to no effort for a child to use them. Their triangular shape not only makes it fun for the kids but are designed to allow a child to easily pick up a crayon, grasp it correctly, and begin to color easily and correctly. The kids truly enjoyed the feel of the crayons as they are soft and easy to use without having to use too much strength or pressure. I would recommend these crayons to any parent or therapist looking to improve their child's grasp."

Thanks for your support!  Till next time!

Nancy and Jason

We Make More Than Just Crayons!

We Make More Than Just Crayons!

As two entrepreneurs embarking on a new journey, my husband and I are faced with dozens of new decisions and experiences completely out of our comfort zone.  Marketing plans, making sales calls, social media marketing and advertising are just a few of the learning curves we have encountered.  Why start your own business if it's so challenging?  The answer typically is to make more money, to provide additional stability, make your own decisions, be your own boss, make a future for your children.  When people find out you own your business they naturally ask, "What do you make?"

We started thinking about this question and began seeing it as something bigger than a simple answer.  At Two Sparrows Learning Systems we believe that 

"We make more than just crayons!"

We make memories for children.
We make art and coloring possible for many children who struggle.
We make the world cleaner by recycling used crayons into our Effortless  Art Crayons.
We make educational products that provide a solution for individuals and empower them to be independent.
We make inclusive and environmentally friendly products for all ages and ability levels.

We want you to learn who we are and why we started Two Sparrows Learning Systems.  Please enjoy watching this video and learning about the Two Sparrows Family!

 Thank you for your support and for continuing to help us make art effortless.  Check out or social media to stay up to date on our latest news and things we love! 

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