What is Boy's Day?

What is Boy's Day?

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So last week we talked about Father’s Day and what we planned on doing to celebrate.  Funny story, a few weeks ago, we were talking to our son about celebrating Father’s Day, and he was really excited about it.  He asked if he got presents on Father’s Day, and we said no, it’s just for Fathers, to which he got upset about, because he assumed that Father’s Day was equivalent to “Boy’s Day.”  He was pretty broken up about it.

So, the good, nice father that my husband is, allowed our son to create a Boy’s Day for “ALL the boys in the world” (my son’s words) and we are going to celebrate it this weekend.  To be clear, in our book there should also be a Girl’s Day and Fur Baby Day, and a Nieces Day - you name it.  Boy’s Day is just what fits with our family.

We are really curious about what Boy’s Day is actually going to be about, so I asked our son about it today.  These are our son’s top five things that he wants to do on Boy’s day, in his own words.

1.  Play your little boy’s favorite game or play baseball if you want. You should treat them right.  Be nice to them or else you are a robber.  (At the end of this answer he said with a twinkle in his eye, “that is funny, right mom?”)

2.  Get Ice cream if it’s a hot day and if you are good you could go get a sucker at the sucker store.

3.  Get a slushie at Rita’s (local Erie location).

4.  You should eat cake…of course! Of course.

5.  You should go visit one of your friends or play baseball if it’s summer. Or play soccer. Or do soccer practice.  All these things will be fun, I promise.

Honestly, if mothers and fathers get a day, why shouldn’t there be a boy day, right?  Children have their own ideas and takes on the world that is completely fresh.  Sometimes I think that we should try to see more things from their point of view, instead of just “doing what we have always done.”  Who says it’s always the right way? 

We’d love to hear about your “boy day” if you choose to do it, or any other holiday that you may have made up along the way.  What else have you done differently or new based on what your children have suggested? We can’t be the only parents to do this…right? 

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Nancy is a former special education teacher and now assistant professor in a school of education.  She is wife to the other sparrow, Jason, and mother to a silly and sweet five-year-old boy.  Nancy is co-owner of Two Sparrows Learning Systems with her husband and inventor of Effortless Art Crayons. 


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