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Father's Day Fun

Father's Day Fun

This weekend is Father’s Day and we are excited to share with everyone our superhero dad in our life, the other sparrow, Jason!  Jason is an amazing father and husband and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.  To celebrate Jason this weekend and always, our son and I have compiled a list of reasons why we love him.  See if you can guess which are mine and which are our son’s!

  1. Dad makes me things, like balloon animals.
  2. Dad is nice.
  3. He is a model for how I want our son to grow up to be.
  4. He has fun and is silly with our son. I love hearing the giggles when you two play together.
  5. He plays baseball and hockey with our son for hours, helping him learn and get better.
  6. Our son looks up to you and wants to be like you!
  7. I like to give Dad hugs.
  8. I like to play with him and he is fun to play with.
  9. Dad builds things with me.
  10. Without you in our lives, we would be lost. Happy Father’s Day, Jason!

Now our son has been looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day since about the day after Mother’s Day and has been making pictures for Jason and hiding them around the house since then.  He is so excited! Besides making his own pictures of trophies and things that say “#1 Dad” and such, I found the perfect craft project for him to make.  It’s easy to put together, super cute, AND helps practice fine motor skills – a triple threat!

All it takes is a paper plate, paint, stickers or other puff balls or jewels for decorating, and construction paper.  We will be making Father’s Day award ribbons and this project packs a punch, and it is one that the fathers, grandpas, uncles, or father figures in your child’s life will LOVE!  There’s cutting, gluing, coloring, pinching, and fun all around! We will post our finished versions on our social media

After last year’s project of the footprint craft, this one is a little less involved, but allows more independence on my son’s part.

For more ideas for crafts or fine motor projects, visit out At Home Learning Page on our site. 

We hope you all have a great weekend no matter how you are celebrating it.   

Till next time,