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Three (More) Amazing Benefits of Coloring

Three (More) Amazing Benefits of Coloring

Remember how you felt when you opened up that brand new box of crayons? I'm sure you have fond memories of hours spent coloring and creating the perfect picture that eventually would find a spot of honor on the kitchen refrigerator for all to see and admire!

I know we can all easily see that coloring has incredible benefits for children, such as opportunities to express themselves and to inspire creativity. Coloring can be a social activity shared among friends. Teachers call Effortless Art Crayons the great equalizer for students with a disability or fine motor delay, as they support students in participating in inclusive activities with their peers, such as art or coloring. With more positive experiences like these, comes more self-confidence. Coloring is also a naturally calming activity and lends itself to helping children regulate emotions and express feelings appropriately.

In a recent study, children in an autistic support classroom who had fine motor delays using our crayons demonstrated increased engagement and attention over 10 trials with increases from 20% - 60% from the baseline (Morris, 2017).

But did you know of the other amazing benefits of coloring? I'm sure the OT's reading this know! Here are three more benefits of coloring for children, and you will be amazed at just how important coloring is to a child's motor development!

Pre-Cursor to Writing

Coloring requires hand-eye coordination, as children need to coordinate their movements as they draw, make thick or thin strokes, and color in large or small spaces. Controlled movements are required for handwriting and proper letter formation. The key to helping your child prepare for handwriting is TO NOT PRACTICE HANDWRITING! Tasks like coloring are a perfect preparation for children's muscles and motor skills. 

Sensory Input

Coloring with crayons allows children to practice pressing hard or light, getting different sensory input. For children that use really hard pressure, most crayons will break - NOT OURS! The thickness, shape, and 6 points are perfect for durability and sustainability. Additionally, our crayons are "wrapper free" and textured, to provide additional input for children who need it. 

A recent FB reviewer noted, " My rough and tough almost 2 y.o. met his match. Crayons he can't break in half. No tip to break off, either. Love it." ~Jess Lynn, Erie, PA


When children color, they build up their fine motor skills, which in turn will lead to building up their endurance in completing writing tasks. Children can build up the small muscles in their hand when they color in small spaces, or make small movements, like circles. This lends itself to leading up to making strokes for letter formation and writing, and ultimately being able to sustain in a writing task. Having your child color laying on their belly, propped up on their elbows, or drawing on an easel can also help to build up more muscles that connect to a child's stability.

Who wouldn't want to give their child an Effortless Art experience coloring knowing that all that fun being had creating, is really helping to support a child's development? I know that using Effortless Art Crayons have been so beneficial for our 4-year-old son, who has been using the crayons since he was 1. Here he is pictured, only 2 and already on his way to achieving a tripod grip! We are so excited and have loved to watch him grow and develop!  


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Till next time,