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It's Coming!

It's Coming!

Hi Friend!

Back to school time is here!  If you are like me, you are dreading getting back to the grind again. Summer just went too fast!  I feel like Fourth of July was just yesterday and now I am thinking about my classes, students, and beginning to plan for that oh so important first week back.  Or, maybe you are excited about the idea of back to school and can't wait to see that yellow bus drive up to your house or get your hands on those new school supplies you ordered. 

Back to school sales are in full swing, and here at Effortless Art is no exception!  Our crayons and pen grips, in almost all our sizes and packaging are 30% off!  It's such a great deal and a perfect time for you to try out our products if you haven't already.  

If you have tried our crayons and love them, maybe you need a refresh on your sets?  Maybe you and another teacher want to go in on a class pack and share between you two?  

Still on the fence about Effortless Art Crayons?  Let me share with you some testimonials from a few well known OT's in the business who have tried our crayons. 


  • early learners who are still developing fine motor and pre-writing skills
  • adults or children with disabilities
  • children with sensory processing or motor issues that cause them to press too hard, frequently breaking crayons
  • students  who hold the crayon too close to the tip, so they can’t see what they are doing
  • adults with disabilities, motor difficulties, or arthritis

Effortless Art Crayons are fully adapted crayons that need NO intervention to hold with a proper grasp. You can use them a few ways, which makes this product even more special! ~Miss Jaime OT

Cindy Chaun from Your Kids OT says, "I found that the young OT kids whom I see (who are yet to develop a tripod grasp), held these crayons comfortably.  I encouraged these children to "pinch" the crayon, although the triangular shape lends itself to be held with one finger on each surface (ie. a tripod grasp).

The crayons glide along the page easily, which explains the "effortless" in the name of this crayon.  Children do not need to exert much pressure onto the page which is really helpful if they have poor hand strength and poor control."

Our crayons are the perfect addition to any school supply toolkit.  Get your packs today for 30% retail price.  They are flying off the shelves!  

We hope your back to school shopping is stress free and fun! Add a little color to your world with our crayons and happy first day of school!

Till next time,