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POTA 2018 Recap Effortless Art Crayons

Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association POTA 2018 Statewide Conference Recap

What a great weekend to spend in Pittsburgh with some of the state’s Occupational Therapy professionals and students.  On the first chilly weekend this fall over 480 Occupational Therapists gathered at the Monroeville Convention center to learn from each other and learn about products and professional opportunities available.  For Nancy and I it was our first time meeting with a large number of OTs in person, allowing them to enjoy our crayons and share their stories from the field.  There was fantastic representation from Pennsylvania Schools; Jefferson University, University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Salus University, Temple University, Chatham University, Elizabethtown University, Mary Baldwin University-Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences, Gannon University, Slippery Rock, Mercyhurst Northeast.  West Virginia University was also represented.  Many of the students that tried our crayons were very enthusiastic to try implement them during their rotations and share their experience with faculty and classmates that may have been unable to attend the event.  Many of the practitioners that we spoke with were just as enthusiastic, sharing experiences they had working with early intervention, pediatrics, or how our crayons could be incorporated into senior care settings.  It was exciting to hear new ways OT’s were seeing how our crayons could be used and beneficial for even older populations!

What was really exciting for us to experience were all the innovative research studies demonstrated in the poster presentations given by the students and faculty.  There were presentations on diverse topics such as; Unified Sports (inclusionary sports), Custom and Prefabricated Orthoses (3D printing technology), Improving Client Centered Practice through LGBTQ Cultural Awareness, and Adapted Equipment for Leisure (adapted art supplies).  What a bright future occupational therapy has!

We left the weekend with some tired feet, but energized spirit.  Thank you to everyone in attendance for making our first state Occupational Therapy conference so great.  We are excited to be able to attend next year’s convention and reconnect with each of you.  If you were not able to make the PA state conference, connect with us at the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) conference in 2019.  We cannot wait to see everyone that we have met online at the national conference and make even more friends!  If you cannot wait until the National Conference, connect with some attendees of the Pennsylvania conference, check out our website, or contact us to set up a call to discuss how our crayons can assist you to provide the highest level of service for your students and clients.

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