Let's Stick Together!

Let's Stick Together!

Hi Friends,

Last week I shared with you a story about using "no go" toys to help your children play with a purpose!  I'm sure all of our kids have gotten way too much screen time in the past few months due to the COVID closures and remote learning, and I for one am dying for some quality, unplugged, activities for my child.  I know that many of you can relate to this.

That's why I was so excited to learn about the Stick Together Kits from watching PunkinFutz's Wednesday's at noon Facebook series.  Stick Together Kits are these amazing "stick by letter" activity kits that are anyone ages 5-105!  Yes you read correctly, these kits don't discriminate!  they are like those color by number pages you used to love as a kid, but just with letters and stickers.  They are perfect for whole family fun and pack the punch when it comes to getting in some sneaky related skill practice.  Shhhhh, don't tell your kids that these are fun AND good for them, too! 

Each kit comes with a stick by letter sheet key, sheets of all the colored stickers you need, and the mat that will eventually become your sticker masterpiece.  It's so easy.  We are working on one now in my house.  My son loves the mystery aspect of it keeps wondering what we are making as the picture is slowly unfolding.  

Now, to the "good for you" part!  With Stick Together Kits you can feel good that your child is engaged in an unplugged activity that also:

  • practices letter and color recognition, even counting can be practiced! 
  • engages fine motor skills as they are pulling off the stickers and placing them on the mat - lots of pinching practice!
  • helps promote bilateral coordination (using both hands together in a task)
  • facilitates lots of conversation and family time together, not to mention cooperation if you are working on this as a family! 

Stick Together kits are now being sold on our Two Sparrows Marketplace - did you know we had a marketplace?  We do! Go to this link to get directly to the Stick Together Kits.  After you purchase your kit (there are lots of options), take time to also check out all our other amazing products created by other occupational therapists and entrepreneurs.

This is a great product to get some quality family time in before school starts.  Come on, let's all Stick Together!  




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