Free At Home Resources to Help You Survive Social Distancing With Your Child

Free At Home Resources to Help You Survive Social Distancing With Your Child

How has your week been?

Ours has been super busy!  We were not prepared for the announcement that the AOTA conference would be cancelled, crushing our chances to meet and talk with therapists and other educators.  

We also were not prepared for the news that schools would be closed and I would be working from home with my 4 year old by my side for the next month. 

As we moved into our new homeschooling life, I began scrambling for resources to help keep my preschooler engaged, still having fun and learning, and still find time to get MY work done, because my college students I teach were going to online delivery next week! 

I was so heartened to begin to receive emails from different educational companies and learn that that they were making their sites and services free through the summer, in response to the COVID virus complications.  Celebrities, artists, authors, and educators all began to share content and videos for our children to engage with.  We have been loving the virtual field trips to the Cincinnatti Zoo, Lunchtime Doodles with Mo Willems, and the free Scholastic book resources!  I've linked them here in this email. 

Something I came across was museums were putting some of their artwork into printable PDF's that you could then color.  How great, I thought.  This would be perfect to go with the virtual field trips to the museums I saw.  However, when I saw the actual artwork that was chosen for the prints, I wasn't so excited anymore.  What child would want to color this, I thought.  So I decided to create our own resource giveaway for our children at home.

First, check out one of our blog posts we did to help educate children on artists and get them to experience creating different artwork.  Find out how to "Paint some memories" with your children and learn about Matisse. 

Now the exciting part! Remember how disappointed I was with the selection of free printable artwork? Well, probably because we already created an incredible coloring book called "My First Masterpieces" already and I am biased to anything else.  For this week till March 27th we will be giving away a FREE copy of our coloring book with EVERY ORDER.  Now you and your child can learn about and love more art and artists every day you are home together.   

You will get a FREE coloring book with every order - even if you order a bundle, which already contains a coloring book, you will get a second one FREE.  We will send your your free coloring book with your shipment. 

Check out our site, shop our new pen grip, with textured and soft options, and get your coloring book today! 

Stay safe and be well. Till next time,



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