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Effortless Art Crayons has been growing by leaps and bounds in the year that we have been in business.  We have launched a full product line, created our own coloring book, and will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for our own patent pending pen grip in the fall.  It’s an exciting time for us and we want to share that excitement with you.  We are reaching out to all our influencers, subscribers, and contacts because as a supporter of our company and mission, we know the value you bring to our brand, and we also know the value we can bring to you. 

We can’t wait to collaborate with you and know that this will be the beginning of a successful partnership.  Please reach out with additional questions to  I’m happy to chat or to hear any ideas you have for additional collaborations.

  • Brand Advocate – Promote our brand and products on your social media channels regularly in exchange for your own personal discount code you can share with family and friends.  You will have an opportunity to earn a percentage of any sales generated from your code.
  • Brand Collaboration – Purchase advertising space in each of our shipments.  This is a great way to get in front of a target audience with a promotional card or coupon.  Cost is $0.50 per “card”.  We will promote your company or product on our social media channels a minimum of 2x during the target month we begin to include your ad in our packaging.
  • Be a part of the Effortless Art Family – We are looking for related products to sell on our website.  We will work with you personally to create the optimal selling experience and help you increase your distribution.

We look forward to working with you.  We hope to launch these programs within the next few months.   Need to remind yourself about the amazing products we offer?  Check out our store pages!


Nancy and Jason Morris

Owners, Effortless Art

Paint some memories this summer.

It’s so important for your child to not only experience art, but to use it as a jumping off point for other skills.  Language, social skills, and fine motor skills can all be fostered in creating works of art together. 

Every child is an artist.  Every child is born with the curiosity, imagination, and wonder to create beautiful masterpieces.  From finger painting, to coloring, to sculpting, when children experience making something of their own, it brings a sense of pride and accomplishment.  I know our son LOVES to do “projects”, as he calls them.  He has been making art projects since he was little, starting with finger painting process art, to now, beautiful watercolor paintings.  We took him to a local art show this year and he was in awe! He kept walking around pointing to paintings and pictures that he thought were “cool” or liked their bright colors.  It’s never too early to begin exposing your child to the arts, and works of art.  That’s why we are so passionate about arts education for children and we were so inspired to create our “My First Masterpieces” coloring book, full of beautiful adapted famous works of art specially designed and perfect for little hands to color.  


Our last blog post featured Matisse.  Our featured work of his in our book is The Sheath.  Crayon Kid and I were looking through some Matisse prints earlier in the week, so Matisse was fresh in our memory! This Fourth of July weekend we spent a lot of time outside.  We visited Woodcock Dam in Meadville and went fishing in a pond nearby.  We were excited to see a ton of different trees that we don’t typically see up in Erie.  Taking advantage of this opportunity, we gathered up a ton of different types of leaves and took them home, with project plans brewing away in our minds!  We decided to make leaf prints inspired by Matisse's Sheath painting because of its leaves. 


It was so simple and lots of fun.  After getting our canvas, paint, rollers, and a foam brush, we were ready to go! All you do is pick your leaf, and you can put paint right on the leaf, or dip your roller into some dabs of paint on a paper plate.

Roll the paint all over the leaf and then press the leaf face down on your canvas.  This is where you can use the foam brush to press the leaf down, or simply use your hands!  Lift the leaf up, and voila - A beautiful leaf print.  We continued to make leaf print patterns, like “The Sheath”, though we weren’t as conscious to make specific patterns. We just had fun choosing colors and creating our own designs.


They turned out great! Now we have our own Matisse like painting we can hang in our house and enjoy.  Crayon Kid loved it as well.  I showed him The Sheath coloring page later and we talked about our leaf prints as he colored it.  I love sharing these experiences with him and making these connections.  It’s so important for your child to not only experience art, but to use it as a jumping off point for other skills.  Language, social skills, and fine motor skills can all be fostered in creating works of art together.   

I hope you all take time to get outside, get creative, and experience making art and memories with your children.  We’d love to see pictures of what you and your child create together.  Send them to   We will share them to our FB page and will send you a FREE coloring book!   

Till next time,