Top Five Holiday Crafts and Activities

Top Five Holiday Crafts and Activities


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Winter break is around the corner for many of us and before our kids are busy with their new toys or games, there is going to be some down time.  Unless we get a major snowstorm soon and kids can spend their days sledding, skiing, and snowman building, our kids will be in our house, asking us every day.....

"What can I do?"

I've got you covered!  I've got five no fail fun festive activities for your toddler to teen to help save your sanity and serve as some possibly gift giving options. 

1.  Gift Wrapping with Tin Foil

I got this idea from our good friend Lisa Radcliff at PunkinFutz.  She shared how she used to wrap gifts with Reynolds Wrap as a child because it was so much easier to fold foil and wrap with it because it stayed put wherever you folded it.  My son loved it and bonus, he could decorate it after!   Here's a quick video to showcase this. 

2.  Coloring on Sandpaper

Yes, that's right, sandpaper.  Sandpaper offers a unique sensory experience because it is rough to the touch.  When you color on it with crayons, it gives great tactile input, and the crayon comes out looking almost like pastels.  Our Effortless Art Crayons were the perfect choice to use with this, as they were sturdy and held up against the pressure my son used when coloring on the sandpaper.  Check out our video to see this project unfold. 

3.  Holiday Sensory Bin

Perfect for the toddler to Kindergartener.  If you are looking for something to do with all the extra tinsel or scrap wrapping paper, this is it!!

My son is five and loved this.  I was able to get in some counting and fine motor practice with him, but for the younger child, simply playing with the different textures of the paper and tinsel is great and looking for hidden objects in is extra motivating.  We used mini erasers, always a fave, but you can put anything child appropriate and safe in yours.  

4.  Holiday Geometric Line Picture

This is really easy to create and set up.  You can do this project with paper or canvas like we did, and use watercolors or markers.  You draw a simple set of shapes first, we chose triangle trees, which my son can do at his age.  And then we took a ruler and drew lines in different directions across the paper.  Then your child colors it in like a stained glass window.  I do suggest having your child keep consistent colors with the main picture, like our trees are all in shades of green, and then the rest can be a mix of colors. I'd recommend this for children who can pretty much color within lines and have some control when coloring to achieve the desired effect.  Looks really pretty when done - we are gifting ours to the grandparents! 

5.  Magic Watercolor Words

Here's a fun literacy activity you can use with any word - sight word, spelling, or winter words for fun.  You write a word with white crayon on white paper and then your child paints over it with watercolors.  It will "magically" appear!  Practice vocabulary by matching a word to a picture after it's uncovered, have them spell it, or have them use it in a sentence.  

I hope these activities help keep your kiddos busy over break.  They are really adaptable for so many ages.  Thanks for all your support and have a wonderful holiday!

Till Next Year!


November Means It's Turkey Time!

November Means It's Turkey Time!

Hi there!

November is here and that means Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  We took advantage of the warmer temps this week and the leaves still on trees and holding their color to do a little leaf picking for a craft project. 

We had so many beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves in our yard that I thought we just HAD to do a craft with them, and I loved the idea of using the leaves to make a colorful turkey tail.  So that is what we did! 

After we collected our leaves we brought them in and began to lay out and plan our turkey.  We cut out a turkey body from an extra brown paper bag, glued it down on our canvas, and then began gluing down and arranging our leaves around our turkey to make its feathers. 

We used our scissors with our Noggins stickers on them to trim off the stem and cut out a gobble for the turkey's face.  Add some googly eyes and we were set!  

This project was really great for a ton of readiness skills - like motor planning and practicing multi-step directions.  Our little guy got lots of fine motor work in with the pressing and gluing of the leaves, too.  The best part was this was a real open ended art project and he could make his turkey to be whatever he wanted - so it was a totally customized and creative project.  

What are your favorite turkey crafts?  Post them in the comments and let us know!  Maybe we will try one!
Stay tuned for more fall fun and turkey craft projects coming your way.  
Till next time!

All things fun for fall!

All things fun for fall!

Hi friends!

It's been a while since I posted - things have been so busy with school starting for both myself and my son.  Even with the hustle and bustle we have still managed to make some time for some fun fall activities.  I wanted to share some with you in today's blog! 

The other day we went on a leaf hunt.  The leaves have just begun to start to turn their beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows in our neighborhood, and it was such a beautiful day, we had to take advantage of it. I decided to create something to help us collect and hold all our leaves.  I took a square piece of cardboard, drew a basic tree shape on it, and then poked holes through it all throughout the branches.  Then when we took our walk and collected leaves, we simply pushed the stems through the holes, and woila!  We have the perfect fall tree "leaf collector!"

Take a look at the video below to see the project in action. 

Fall is also a perfect time for leaf rubbings!  A while back Miriam from @cardboardschoolhouse did a beautiful IG story of how she used our Effortless Art Crayons for a leaf rubbing activity with her children.  Check out her posts HERE.  We had to share it with you all and hopefully inspire you to go out on a leaf hunt and bring them back so you can create your own leaf rubbings. 

Send us your pictures of your own leaf rubbing project and you can be featured in our social media pages.  Happy leaf hunting! 

Till next time,