What makes our crayons "effortless"

See their joy. See their creativity. See their skills...GROW with Effortless Art Crayons!
Patented design

Ensures that no matter how your child picks up a crayon, they'll have proper grip and finger placement so they can effortlessly begin coloring right away.

Increased attention span

Recent studies have shown that children's attention spans increase 20% to 60% when using Effortless Art Crayons compared to normal crayons.

Non-profit donations

All Effortless Art Crayons that we donate to non-profit arts and early learning organizations and institutions are made from 100% recycled crayons.

Beauty Made Simple

Your child can start their fine motor skills off right with Effortless Art Crayons - the perfect early learning crayon that makes beauty simple.

The Easiest Crayon Ever

Enjoy spending time with the children in your life as they seamlessly and easily use our crayons, quickly improving their grip and coloring skills.


I have to say that, as an artist, I actually really enjoyed using these crayons. They remind me a bit of oil pastels in how smoothly they glide on paper, but without all the excess material and messiness. I also found the crayons to be the perfect size for little hands. They are smaller than traditional crayons which makes them ideal for those tiny little two year old hands we are currently working with!

Effortless Art Crayons were created to bring the joy of coloring to everyone! Their design promotes a proper grip, and the crayons are comfortable and easy to use for all ages and ability levels.

We put these crayons to the test last week during our KIDS ART CAMP.  We had the kids test out these unique crayons and noticed that they were choosing the Effortless Art Crayons over the traditional crayons. The kids commented on how they liked the shape of the crayons and it was easier to color in large areas. Nancy and Jason have created a patent pending crayon that makes coloring successful for all ages and abilities!

It’s easy to keep a grip on a pencil, but what about crayons?  The child wants to change colors every few minutes - that’s half the fun! I’ve found the solution. I’m so excited to share a new product that is an amazing option for a variety of situations. Effortless Art Crayons are fully adapted crayons that need NO intervention to hold with a proper grasp. You can use them a few ways, which makes this product even more special!

If you’re not an occupational therapist or your child is just starting their occupational therapy journey you may not know why modified crayons would make any therapist jump and sing for joy. Working on fine motor skills is extremely broad as everything we do involves some sort of strength, coordination, or manipulation skill. However working with children with difficulties in fine motor skills is often a challenge within itself. Let’s be honest, who wants to work on something that is hard for them? I know I don’t, so I enjoy finding products and items that make working on these skills a little more entertaining or less difficult.